15 Ways to Save Money in India While Shopping Online

15 Ways to Save Money in India While Shopping Online

Are you searching for how to Save Money in India? Unlike in the earlier days, people do not require to go to the market for purchasing every necessary commodity. With the aid of e-commerce websites, they can purchase anything according to their needs from the comfort of their home without wandering here and there. Though this is one of the most important reasons which are responsible for the increasing popularity of Indian online shopping sites, there is another acute cause that makes it able to attract the attention of a larger number of customers i.e. the high discount.

Just like the innate nature of the customer, a person always wants to save a few bucks more whether he/she is purchasing any product online or offline. Though the offline store provides you the opportunity to bargain with the shop owner, this opportunity is completely eliminated in case of purchasing through online shopping sites in India. For these reasons, a customer should know the best way to save money in India while purchasing online.

Well, being a user of e-commerce websites, if you are wondering about how to save money in India while purchasing online then at present you are in the right place to gather all the necessary information in order to get the same. Today, we are going to discuss the most common 15 tricks which will be required for getting an extra discount while purchasing online at In

Let’s check out the 15 best ways to save money in India in the following:

1) Prefer credit cards:

Being a user of an e-commerce website, you have already heard about credit cards which are issued by banks to provide overdraft facilities to customers. Maybe you are afraid of using these credits due to frequently reported cases of fraud as well as the high annual operating charges of these cards. But the real fact regarding these credit cards is completely different with respect to shopping through e-commerce websites. Most e-commerce websites offer huge discounts when you pay through a credit card. Apart from there is assured cashback of 1% of the payable amount in the case of credit cards which can be considered an added advantage.

2) Use Payment wallets :

Apart from the offer provided by the e-commerce websites, there are several other online wallets that offer additional discounts over the payable amount if you transact through that wallet. Don’t miss this opportunity. Always pay through that particular online wallet that offers additional discounts. The discount in this phase varies from

3) Stay updated with the deal Apps :

There are many third-party applications that update the latest deals regarding e-commerce websites, restaurants as well as online services on a regular basis. Don’t forget the check the deal of the specific websites where you are going to make transactions. This will help you to get the necessary coupon before checking out the cart. Being a frequent online purchaser, you will be able to save lots of bucks by following this trick.

15 Ways to Save Money in India While Shopping Online

4) Install chrome extension :

While purchasing on an e-commerce website, you may find it difficult to search for related coupon every time. There’s a solution for this problem. There are several chrome extensions which are capable to provide you notification regarding the eye catchy deals as well as the coupons available for the specified product which you are going to purchase. The chrome extension like BuyHatke or Honey have the ability to show the net amount which are going to pay after deducting the price of the coupons. This will help you to choose the perfect e-commerce site to buy a specific item.

5) Add items to wish list prior to check out :

Before checking out an item from your cart, it is better to add the specific product to the wish list few days prior of making the purchase. In e-commerce websites like Amazon, you will be continuously notified about the fluctuation of the price of specific item. This will help you to make the purchase by spending fewer bucks in the perfect time.

6) Use EMI calculators :

Shopping on e-commerce websites include purchasing financial services. Apart from being a banker, it will be tough for you to assess the benefits of a particular investment plan. So, don’t go for any product blindly. There are several online EMI calculators which are ready to give you a basic idea about the instalments as well as the returns of a specific investment plans. By making this research on a specific investment, you may save a lot of money by selecting a beneficial plan required for your needs.

7) Use coupons while paying bills :

You have to pay bills on a regular basis for all the services you are using. Don’t miss the opportunity to save few bucks more by paying directly through the official website of the Billing authority. In most of the cases, they are not going to give you any kind of discount. Instead of it, use several mobile application as well as bills paying websites which are ready to offer huge discount on the paid bills through them.

8) Subscribe to Prime membership :

Most of the e-commerce sites charge a nominal amount for delivering goods to your doorsteps. The delivery charge can only be withdrawn if you are purchasing goods of a specified amount i.e. Rs. 500/- or Rs. 1000/- which solely depends on the terms and conditions of the particular website. To avoid paying the excess delivery charge either you have to purchase the goods of that specific amount at a time or there is another option. If you are a frequent user of a specific website then subscribe to their prime membership in order to avoid the delivery charges during that subscription period.

9) Use online tools while booking hotels online :

While booking hotel online, the best way to save money in India is completing the booking procedure from third party partner websites which are offering certain discounts on the hotel rents. These partner websites will also provide you the opportunity to compare the select the best hotel rooms according to the rent.

10) Subscribe to the newsletters :

The online shopping sites India usually circulates the upcoming offers by mailing the newsletters to the subscribed persons. Being a busy person, subscribe to these newsletters will make you able to aware of the on-going offers as well as upcoming deals provided by a specific online shopping site.

11) Prefer E-books :

Being a bookworm, if you frequently purchase books from online stores, it’s the right time to switch to the e-books rather than purchasing hard copies. Purchasing e-books as well as the kindle edition will help you to save a lot more.

12) Use Gift cards :

Sometimes purchasing gift cards entitles you an extra discount rather than paying for an item directly from your bank account. In this case, purchasing a gift card for the necessary denomination and use the same while purchasing the required product will be the wisest decision.

13) Pre-order item :

Sometimes just before the official release of a particular product on the Indian online shopping sites, it becomes available for pre-order. According to a part of the introductory offer, one may purchase the item for a low cost. That’s why you should use the opportunity of pre ordering in order to save money.

14) Use the Referring option :

Referring Indian online shopping sites through the unique referral code sometimes provides you the opportunity to get additional discount on your next purchases. SO use this option wisely and get benefitted mutually.

15) Add money to the particular wallets :

Sometimes the best way to save money in India is to add a specific amount of money to the online wallet of the e-commerce websites for future purchases. This will in turn benefit you by purchasing cash backs.

All the effective ways to save money while using online shopping sites in India are stated above. You have already gathered lots of information regarding how to save money in India. Now it’s your time to try these methods and get benefitted. Don’t forget to let us know your experience of using these tricks in the comment box below.