Tips to Earn Rs.1000 From the Share Market Daily


Nowadays, a secondary source of income is becoming very popular. A primary source is a stable way of earning money, but one can never be too sure. Hence having a secondary income or secondary source of earning is beneficial. Then again, you need to ensure that your secondary source does not make you physically exhausted like the primary source. You could think of specific options, but they all require a lot of physical work and mental pressure. However, there is one option that we suggest, which is trading and investing in the share market.

People frequently trade stocks in the hopes of making a respectable amount of money and getting a return on their investments. If one has the skills and education to navigate the stock market successfully, it may be highly profitable for people looking to make money. While many dreams of making INR 1000 per day from these markets, few succeed because they lack the abilities, information, or expertise others have. Various variables influence the movements of the stock markets.

Let’s start with the questions you must be pondering on! Can I earn 1000rs daily from the share market? If so, how? Do I need to invest in considerable amounts to get huge profits?

The answer to all your questions is YES! You can earn thousand of rupees from share market investing. It is no big deal. However, the share market is not a hen that always lays gold eggs, so you need to invest some amount from your side to gain. But you can invest as low as 500 1000 rupees. There is no shame in supporting with small amounts. It is the most intelligent step one can take. Investing in a small amount also limits your losses and protects you from losing your liquidity.

The essential thing is to take baby steps. Like a baby, you need to take small steps, then start running and jumping. Directly jumping into the share market may cause intense loss. You should not mess with the field without knowledge or expertise. But there is nothing to worry about. If you are new to investing and reading, this is the perfect place. We bring you tips on how to earn 1000rs—daily from investing.

Here are some tips to help you Invest and Gain. 

1) Choose your stock wisely

Stock selection is very crucial when it comes to investing. You need to select stocks with tremendous value. There are a few points to consider while investing in a stock- The company’s revenue generation, growth, and financial leverage. Getting a very good about the company structure and its revenue is beneficial when it comes to choosing your stocks, as you will know what field interests you and how much you can likely earn.

2) Try Intraday trading

You should engage in intraday trading if you wish to profit daily. In this type of trading, equities are bought and sold on the same day. The purchase of stocks is for profit-making by capitalizing on price swings, not as an investment.

3) Invest in Shares with a High Volume

One of the intraday trading rules is regularly checking on high-volume shares. The number of shares transferred from one hand to another during a day is called “volume.” You don’t necessarily have to keep an eye on shares day and night, but if it is your first time investing, make sure you are aware of every step You take.

 4) Keep your entry and exit points ( while trading) fixed

The entry and exit points mean the entry and exit of your shares. Be very cautious while investing! Whatever equity or share you invest in, ensure they are below the target price. Below the target price means when the share price of a given stock is lower than the actual value (the real value is typically high), that is when you should buy the share. It will help you save money by purchasing a high-price share. Now let us talk about the exit of the shares. Whenever you sell your shares, ensure their value is high, and the selling of same must be for more than the amount you bought them for. You buy the share at a low target and sell them at a high value.

 5) Practice the STOP LOSS method

keeping an eye on stocks is sometimes essential, especially when there is a chance of a dip in the share market. The employment of the stop-loss method is to limit the investor’s losses. However, you must set a stop loss order with your broker house to make this work. For beginners, it is beneficial to set their stop losses around 1 – 3%, which means the losses are controllable by 3%. It is a price limit entered by the trader which automatically stops after reaching a certain point to prevent losses.

 6) Go with the trend

Following the trend is a safe way to ensure profits, especially when you are new to trading and investing. Investing where everybody prefers means the company is providing more gains than losses. Even though this could change at any time, it is still preferable to invest where everyone else is supporting rather than choosing a stock at random and feeling uncertain.

 7) Do deep research

before trading or investing – as already mentioned, it is essential to research the stock you will invest in the company, even the brokerage house, you want to use as your trading account. Understanding the perks and disadvantages of each of the following mentioned is significant. Let’s say you are very excited to invest, but you did not read the terms and conditions of the brokerage house. You get a profit of 70%, and now you need to give more than 50% of your margin to the broker house. Waste, isn’t it? So much uncertainty and tension just to lose It. This is where researching comes in handy. Searching about everything and planning gives you the upper hand and various situations, as half knowledge is dangerous.


You must be able to accept losses if you wish to turn a profit. It is an essential component of intraday trading and the stock market. It’s not impossible to gain profits one after the other. If you take the time to learn enough about the stock market and develop the necessary skills, you can generate a consistent income from it.

While you might be eager to profit from the stock market to a certain extent, you should always have practical expectations and exercise care before investing in or engaging in trading. Always consider your risk exposure and the dangers of that type of investment.

It is critical to realize that learning about investing takes time. Form your financial strategy progressively to invest a fixed sum in reputable businesses regularly. All of this is only possible if you are patient and go step by step.