How to Make Money on Snapchat

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Any of you who live in the 21st century would surely be aware of this amazing social media app by the name of Snapchat. The valuation of this app is a growing 16 billion dollar, so this one is here to stay for long.

Snapchat was actually first launched in 2011, and pretty much in line with Whatsapp and the other messaging apps. The major point of difference was that this particular app allowed you to send pictures as well as videos to your friends as well as your followers, but the catch was that the pictures and videos disappeared 10 seconds after looking at them once.

So, the catch was that it actually started out for those who wanted to sext but were afraid of people saving their photos and using them wrongly. With the disappearing feature, the level of engagement amongst people were massage, as if you dint pay attention then you won’t be able to see the snap again.

This was the basis on which the app was built, and over time when it became popular, then the discover feature was introduced. This amazing feature gave companies the authority to post created content for their audience.

How to Make Money on Snapchat

Let’s list down a few ways here where you as a person can make some money too from this great application.

1) Firstly, you need to build your audience, and that goes without saying. At the time of sign up, you need to be aware of the fact that snapchat will ask you if you want to add everyone in your contact list on your snap ID, who has an account. So, you need to accept this so that your list is made. This is because reciprocation is important, and people are more likely to add you back based on this strategy. Of course, you could always unfollow them later.

Here, there is no upper limit on the number of people that you would like to add, unlike other social media channels like Facebook or even Twitter. Once you have done the basic steps, now you need to start creating content, as good content would get you some good followers which in turn gets you good money.

2) Let’s talk about how you need to create great content and what all do you need to do for that. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to be consistent with your posts. You should know that the snapchatters who are really popular snap multiple days per day. This is because the audience that follows you need to see what’s happening in your life, and they need to get used to seeing your pictures daily.

3) After this you need to blend this content that you may have created with personality marketing. So first you need to create niche content for your products as well as your services. Snapchat is a great application and it would allow you to blend important marketing concepts. So what you could do is create small tutorials, testimonial videos to grab the audiences’ attention. See who your potential customer base is and make those videos accordingly. Snapchat is known to be more personal than all your other social media apps because you are talking directly to your prospects.

4) See what works well with people, and do a bit more research on it. Mostly subjects that drive in more engagement are animals, or obviously pretty looking girls. You could take advantage of these things are try to post such kind of pictures for a greater engagement level. Also, sites like Buzzfeed curate such content and show it on their page too which would help you garner much more visibility.

5) Snapchat is not like Instagram where you need to have a huge load of followers. The number of followers on your Snapchat should be at least a mere 5{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} of your list, and that is more than enough. But you still need some amount of quality followers. For this, try to post your snapcode on all other social media platforms. Also, as and when you meet new people, try to add them on your snap right away. This is a great way to bond too, plus the more new people you add, the better it is for you.

Shoutout through other people using Snapchat is a great way to increase your follower base. They could probably show this in the form of a picture, or perhaps a video while giving out great incentives to follow you. If you have a popular account, you may be able to grab some shoutouts for free, but if not just pay a decent amount to some popular accounts and they would give you a shoutout for sure.

Also, now Snapchat has this new feature called Live. All you need to do is figure out how to get live. For this, you need to turn on the location filter on Snapchat. After this is done, you would see if there is a live snapchat story happening at the same time, then you would get an Also, try paying attention to who are the people who are talking about snapchat in your area. Once this is figured, the more snaps you send, the more chances you have of getting added to the live story.

6) After these basic steps are done, you need to offer some expiring discounts. Offers which have a deadline to it work pretty well. So what you could do is just send out a snap where you tell your followers about this offer, and also mention that it expires in an hour or so. People have the fear of missing out, so some of them would surely go and check out your webpage. Of course, make sure that you do take the offer down in the time limit that you have specified.

7) You need to research about Snapcash. This is basically a joint venture, with Paypal, and it’s supposed to be used for sending money to your friends. The Snapcash is very useful if the agenda is to sell a physical product. So in case you have to sell a physical product, take a great snap of it about something cool which can be done with it, and send it to all your followers. Now you can cash on snapcash, if people are intruiged by it and ask you about the offers.

8)Lastly, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, be it on any medium and for Snapchat too this remains the same. So what you could do is promote affiliates. After you are done building an audience who could absolutely trust you, the next way to reach out to them is to start recommending the products that they should try. If you have a large follower base, then these companies and brands will start approaching you to showcase their products. In case they don’t, then you could probably reach out to them and tell them why you could be a great brand ambassador for them.


Snapchat, unlike other social media platforms works on pretty different terms. This focuses more on reaching the feeling of missing out in people. People tend to be fully involved when they see a snap as they know that it would not last for more than 10 seconds, and then it would be deleted forever. Also, the user age of Snapchat ranges between 13 to 24, and this is a great age to target.

So now that we have given you a list of the most important tools which can be used to make great loads of cash, we hope you could do some in-depth research about it, and start cashing just from your passion. It’s a great way to make money without much efforts, because all you have to do is click some great content, connect with your audience and en-cash on it. Turn your passion into a means of making money, and this would work out just great for you.