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Searching for How To Make Money From YouTube? Well, When YouTube came into the market in 2005 as video sharing website, people at Silicon Valley were sure about this goanna be a game changer. There was no doubt present in front of people who loves online video content because people were bored by reading, especially teenagers and youngsters who loves to watch online video content from anywhere at any place in the world.

Today, if we see YouTube as a company which is totally owned by Google we can find not only entertaining contents are entertaining people but tutorial contents in form of videos are really helpful, especially to budding coders who loves to code. From decade of business in video sharing website, it became the industry itself of Vines, YouTube had not only become a company for earning billions of dollars but it also had created millionaires who became rich by earning from YouTube. From past few years this became a platform for earning for those who loves either to make vines, tutorial, vlogs etc. So considering this YouTube is creating a huge number of traffic along with huge number of competitors present there and to survive the competition where Content is the King your engagement should be the Queen. Even on many search engines it has been seen that people searching more often like

“How to make money from YouTube”

“How to earn money from YouTube”

“Making money on YouTube”

“How do you make money on YouTube?”

……………………………………………………….and so on, the list is very long and you can find many ways out there.




There is a But! in that.

All those who explains about how to make money from YouTube or how to earn money from YouTube, they all have very different and steady process. If one can go and find easy steps to make money from YouTube or earn money from YouTube you will end up in bit complex stages. So, at we just created simple and easy steps to make or earn money from YouTube.

This is very easy and one can earn as much money as what Tanmay Bhatt from AIB or Technical Guruji is earning on YouTube.

So, here are those:-

1) Decide the Niche and get the money flow from Ditch

Before getting into deep about How to make money from YouTube or How to earn money from YouTube remember for making money you should know how to begin, I mean to say how do you can make money from YouTube. The first principle to earn starts the steps before of starting your own YouTube Channel i.e. by deciding your niche. Always remember the key to success comes from deciding how to succeed. So, for this always find the particular niche for your YouTube channel because it will work as invisible brand ambassador in search engine which will tell the search engine—Yes this YouTube channel have this category of niche.

It will also help search engines to appear your channel onto top because by having one niche search engines will not get confused among thousands of channels to choose. So, decide the niche and get the flow of money from ditch and never switch.

2) Content is the King and engagement is the Queen, so here does it

As rightly said by industry tycoons like Bill Gates Content is King, but in today’s world where we have millions of content available right there at just one click, this also needs a step further i.e. engagement. No doubt, your content is excellent! But to achieve excellence in the field you should be knowing how to engage people right there on your YouTube channel at right time because you know right things comes at right place & whatever is right will find the way out and that right thing is engagement. Be proactive while promoting your YouTube channel or YouTube Channel’s content, have a good decent logos, pictures, thumbnails (not clickbait’s) for your YouTube Channel for your audience because it’s the ultimate goal of any YouTuber to reach more and more audience. If your content is good enough to engage the people out it will create a positive spread of Word-of-Mouth (WOM). So, be there with right engaging contents to earn money on YouTube and make money on YouTube.

3) Choose the ordinary content to be extraordinary

We as people has many things in common, we all like to be loved by people no one wants to be hated by the people. There are thousands of things we can find common among the people living on to this planet. The phrase “Choose the ordinary content to be extraordinary” means choose the common topic among us which can connect one people to another, one emotions to another because if people will find resemblance of their own self into that content they will surely goanna watch and share and just on your blink of eye you may succeed in building thousands, millions of subscriber out there. By doing all this, even an ordinary content will become extraordinary and you know when your video content will become extraordinary you are going to earn something which is not ordinary but extraordinary as it’s the best way of how to make money from YouTube.

4) For all you Moms and Aunties, earn from your niche

Well, this good news for those who loves to earn from home so all you moms and aunties I know no one can make better food than you because Ghar ka khana is Ghar ka Khana (food cooked at home is beloved). You can earn and make great money on YouTube by sharing your own recipe via your own YouTube food recipe channel. It is just because there are many people who loves to have different dishes on different days and surely you can add value to their mouth. Food recipe YouTube channel is the classic example, Moms and Aunties at home you can find other niche too like DIY, weaving, handicrafts, miniature arts, classical and traditional arts, etc. there are millions out there to earn millions.

5) Have affiliate marketing on channel, maybe you get the chance to market for Chanel

I think this most important one for those who wants to earn from commission via promoting other people’s products or service—Amazon Affiliate is the best example or even one can collaborate with local merchandiser to merchandize the product to earn some huge commissions. I think this is getting very popular among this days because merchandisers really want to have great outreach there and to do that they are hiring YouTubers to promote their product or services. Remember, the snaptube app it has been broadcasted on many YouTube channels. Maybe by doing affiliate marketing on your YouTube channel you may get the chance to market for Chanel French Fashion Company, who knows you start earning in five-six figures from your affiliate marketing.

6) Monetization to earn even in Demonetization

I think this is most the important one and for those who knows what it takes to stand in bank ques for long hours during demonetization in India, I think you could relate. There are many ways to monetize your YouTube like Googles AdSense, Sponsored features, by mentioning the products or services in beginning of video or middle of video or end of video—often we call in YouTubers language pre-roll, mid-roll, end-roll; even affiliate marketing is good way to do so, amazon influencers programs etc.

One can find lots of fish in the pond while monetizing your YouTube channel so that you can even earn and make thousands, millions even in the days of demonetizations when only and only your digital payment inclusion service works better. Monetizing the YouTube channel will give ample of money via Cost per Clicks (CPC), Cost per Engagements (CPE), Click through Rates (CTR), Cost per mile (CPM) etc. So, next time keep these things in mind that this is how you can make money from YouTube or how you can earn money through YouTube. Because making money on YouTube is as simple as how do one make money on YouTube—just go and get it.

7) Create your Social Media presence to earn even in your absence

As mentioned about CPC, CPM, CPE, CTR etc. in above mentioned step creating your Social media presence is as important as they are because there are thousands of people present over there who might have not yet subscribed to your YouTube channel. So for them other Social Media platforms is the best way to get notified by your posts like A YouTube channel had made a video on how to make money on YouTube and you have just posted that on your other social media platforms by doing this you are giving yourself a great opportunity for not just reaching onto their social media channels feeds but if they will like or share this can create a cascading effect for your channel at free and thus help you to earn money from YouTube. So, just create your full-prof Social Media presence on every platform to add value to your earnings.

8) The thumb rule: Never Forget to say—LIKE,SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and PRESS THE BELL ICON

If you have seen videos on YouTube than you know why I called it as thumb rule. Many times it happens people just watch the video online and then skip. So, the problem arises here is that they won’t get notified next time when you upload new video to remind them not to forget just say Like, Share, Subscribe and Press the Bell icon for latest update at beginning of the video or at the end of video.

It really matters a lot because when people will subscribe your Subscriber base will become stronger and when Subscriber base becomes stronger it will act as credible source about how engaging your videos are. More the credibility more the earning ability—note it.

9) Have Quick insight via analytics

If Content is the King and Engagement is the Queen, Analytics is the supreme commander to guide—By none other than great Anshu Singh.

Jokes Apart! Analytics and insight about your contents posted on YouTube will give you great snick-pick about which types of video content are really engaging people and which is helping you to earn money on YouTube because visual media is increasingly becoming very important nowadays and many marketing professionals have even quoted this many time that video gives best Return on Investment (ROI). I have some list of analytics for your YouTube channel:

  • YouTube Analytics
  • Vidooly
  • Channel Meter
  • Social Report
  • RankTracker
  • Quintly
  • Socialbakers
  • Rival IQ
  • Cyfe
  • Dasheroo
  • Geckboard

However, some are paid one and some are free but I will suggest go for the best paid on because it will give you proper insights along with at what time, from which place and what type of people are liking your which type of content.

10) Partner with local merchandiser to sell

I know I have mentioned about merchandisers in above mentioned points but here I will talk about local merchandisers only. Here, you need to find those people who understand how digital media is playing role in selling of goods and services whether it’s tangible or intangible. This section will suited for those who YouTubers who live in Tier-II or Tier-III cities and have good YouTube viewers locally. You just don’t need to be totally dependent on huge subscriber or traffic base if you have good local presence you still can earn thousands via commissions on merchandising the local sells.

Just you need to do go and find out those merchandisers, run an OFFER, DISCOUNTS, and REBATES etc. Just see this within few days positive Word-of-Mouth (WOM) will automatically going to get cascade and this can further add for huge Subscriber base to for next time when you will launch new offers.

11) Licensing to Cheer-up with Media

In Licensing just understand two basic things:-

  • Standard YouTube License
  • Creative Commons

I have seen people getting confused in it. So just understand few simple differences between Standard YouTube License and Creative Commons. In Standard YouTube License no one can copy your work or use your work to reproduce its own and in Creative Commons people will copy some portions of your work and can re-edit or reproduce by doing compilation or so. So how you can earn money from this?

Say for example you have uploaded an incredible video on—How to earn money on YouTube and someone have media agency wants to broadcast that onto their media channel or Television networks. So you can get the fees on to that and this is how you can really make money on YouTube via Licensing if you have better engaging content.

12) Interview the influencer to establish yourself as influencer

Lastly, this is the very good way to reach large number of people to increase your subscriber and earning base best example interviews of AIB (All India Bakchod). Influencers already have huge fan base and you can catch hundreds of influencers like them, interview hundreds, earn thousands and establish yourself in millions of mind by those interviews. The more the interviews the most you will earn.

We have also explained different ways on how to make money online on our blog. Also you can follow out Youtube Channel to get more tutorials & tricks on how to earn money from youtube

This were some easy steps by which you can earn or make money from YouTube. So, what you are waiting for just go and try, who knows you could become YouTube sensation soon or your YouTube channel hits millions of subscriber.