10 Effective Ways To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate


Do you want to make money from Amazon Affiliate? Well, Amazon! Probably the well-known e-commerce of this century having roots in all sorts of business related to e-commerce. With growing demand and un-matched demand curve Amazon usually comes up with lots and lots of new and creative business strategy to match this demand curve. We all know, Amazon as hunter of new business strategy and at to many extent it stands on the point what they want to deliver. The classic example is what Amazon had done in the past two and half decades—san online bookstore into a totally new driven business model of selling goods as a prototype of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer.

Today, if we see the founder’s wealth of Amazon than we can even calculate he is rich than more than 180 countries in the world combined, and this man Jeff Bezos doesn’t stop there he is on a continuum mode of business growth. Whether it’s Amazon Prime or Amazon Web Service the boom has already shifted the consumer driven market into an era of technological advancement. Mr. Jeff Bezos had not only stopped till there but had done something amazing too.

Amazon is not limiting their profit to itself but also letting the formula of sharing and caring to work. With new features and new business model Amazon had diversified the ways to not only make money for itself but also for those who want to earn money passively or actively. For all this Amazon had provided the platform for affiliate marketing and that platform is known as Amazon Associate.

Now, some basic introduction about Amazon affiliate marketing program

Amazon affiliate marketing program known as Amazon Associate was initially launched in 1996 by seeing that many businesses are looking for some affiliate sort of income from other sources. By the way, Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the first digital affiliate marketing program and in beginning of the introduction as I told you Amazon had creative business strategies and this Amazon associate affiliate marketing program is among those which letting many people to double their income online. But before understanding what Amazon affiliate marketing program is you should understand what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing has very simple definition—the process of earning commission by promoting others product on your website and mandatory component here is the website platform from where you will promote the product and earn commissioned base money usually 12{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} approx. of products price.

Amazon Associate has more presence over the internet when it comes to affiliate marketing because Amazon do pay the reasonable but high amount of commissions to those who are one the platform. The idea and model of Amazon’s affiliate marketing is very simple—Join – Advertise and Earn!

Join Advertise Earn

With years of good experience in Affiliate marketing Amazon associate had established itself at the top. Now earnings have affiliate program by amazon had boosted in past one decades with increase in e-commerce business and availability of number of websites over the internet.

10 Effective Ways To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate

Today, it’s not that tuff for anyone to earn more money via affiliate marketing but still many fails to earn more because they either not use proper strategy or use affiliate program carelessly. Remember product advertised on your website is catchier than product advertised at other places. So, here I will tell you the 10 ways by which you can earn more money by Amazon affiliate marketing program.

1) Learn to use tools properly

The most important way to make more money with Amazon affiliate marketing program is to use right tools for right type. The tools used by you will decide the future of the income and also will decide that whether your prospective customer will click it or not? Does your product’s call to action really calling them customer to buy? It all happens with the right choice and to begin with right choice you must use the right tool. Right now, Amazon Associate have four tools and all of them are best to use, the only thing you must know where to use what.

Firstly, the SiteStripe the best among all three — the Associates Site Stripe lets one to build Associates links right from the Amazon own page itself. The Site Stripe will appear at the top of every Amazon page and provides quick and easy access for building links and sharing links easily on social media platforms. This can be used onto your website without any question. You don’t need to worry about what product to put this option will let the visitors to search what they want and you will be payed commissioned on it, which may vary as per the product selling policy. The best place to put this stripe is just next to right side bar of your website where people will directly see the stripe. This look something like the picture shown below

Secondly, Click on Link checker to justify you link. Use this Link Checker every time you go to check whether the links attached are working properly or not, this will help you to know whether the linked is properly tagged or not. This look something like the picture shown below

Thirdly, Amazon product advertising API

“The Product Advertising API provides programmatic access to Amazon’s product selection and discovery functionality so that you can advertise Amazon products to monetize your website. Advertise Amazon product with details, image URLS, prices, customer review, similar products, sort results by relevance, sales rank, price, and more.

Access Keys are used to sign programmatic queries made to the Product Advertising API. For your protection, please store your Access Keys securely and do not share them with anyone. We recommend that you change your Access Keys every 90 days. Access Key information is linked to your Associates account and any changes that you make will impact all of your integrations that utilize the Product Advertising API. Please note that you may have a maximum of two Access Keys at one time.”

2) Use Carousal for customer purchase arousal (Widget)

When it comes to carousal that is the best thing what affiliate marketing have got. Initially, it was available to Facebook now on as an option to showcase what all your product got or how many product you are selling, it all depends on what you want to showcase on your widget.

The best benefit of carousal is they surface lot of information in small area and carousal well-adaptable for mobile view i.e. it is more responsive. The user can visit your website from desktop as well as mobile and can view your affiliate marketing programs products. Visually, they can be engaging and make strong focal points, particularly if designed properly using large graphics or images. This makes them useful for selling visually based products or services, or showcasing a gallery of images or showing multiple images of the same idea or product. They can help make a page feel fresh, timely and different on every visit by simply rotating content. This can make a company feel like it’s exploding with activity and success!

Carousels can be highly effective when telling a story or showing a linear process, that’s because it forces a user to follow a specific journey from one chapter (slide) to the next.

  1. Feature five different products that a customer can click on to purchase or get more information.
  2. Show your sole product offering being used in five different ways.
  3. Highlight five different clients with different demographics using your service.
  4. Complex products have five photos to illustrate usage.

This all benefits make the carousal best to use.

3) Product Linking: Product Links as per niche

Use product links as per your niche because this is very important as your viewers are those who are interested to view your niche and if they will get the product as per the same niche than they will surely buy.

For example, you have a blog related to fitness and trekking so display the ads of fitness and trekking products online. The best the product linking is, best the outcome is. More prospect turns to customer only and only if they find that their interests are matching and to match that you need to sell what you niche is.

4) Product Linking: Banners the maker or breaker

Do not use this feature if you don’t find useful for your business because if you already have Google Adsense than you might be earning more onto that. But still if you have some products which can straightly attract people and have call to action within some time than this option is best for you. Banners can make the subject to re-distribute the prospect’s attention towards the product—it can be second most attractive than carousal because it is present on the top of your website and people will even see it first before they start seeing what is inside your website.

Whether your mobile view or desktop view it will appear on top. Usually, it has been seen that Amazon try to showcase apparel and books ads onto top but I will tell you to showcase in different way. The thumb rule is that showcase the product which has huge offers and less expensive because less expensive stuffs are mostly bought as per consumer psychology because the validity seems to match the price of the product. So, choose the banners properly just confirm whether it showcase the best ads or not.

You will have many size’s to choose like—300 X 250, 728 X 90, 160 X 600, 300 X 600. Among this the best size is 728 X 90 because it is not only used my many but also have very effective impact.

5) Product Linking: Link to any page for strategic growth

Use the Link to Any Page option strategically to catch the eyes of customers to go on the link and buy. The best use of this linking can be utilized only and only if you have better highlighting lines to write.

It has three options Link favorite destination, Link Search Result and Link to Any page the best and highly generating one is Link favorite destination. Use it only if required.

6) Track the reports for proper analysis and future growth options

Wherever you go you may find this point same—tracking. The analysis and tracking is best because when everything set, everything done. Now go and see the Analytics of your store and find the most important ones like the area from which traffic is coming more, the most purchased intent, the most bought product etc. Reports will give the best output how your affiliate marketing is working and how you can contribute more to enhance the best one out.

7) Fix the Fee schedule and be sticky

Sticking on the particular schedule is more important in affiliate marketing because it’s not like that you earn million in hours, at least you need to spend more hours to make a habit and get used to it. Fix scheduler usually have the better chance to earn because they know that they can get this much amount in this much time based on the experience. Also, scheduling can help you to understand how much time you need to spend on your affiliate program.

8) Use the Art of Copywriting: The persuading ads

Whenever you will go in any Advertising Agency you will see the special department for Copywriting. Copywriters are the people behind the catchy lines what you either see on TV or newspaper, there job is to use the language in more attractive way. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. To catch the eyes of the visitors on the website it is must to develop this art of copywriting because you can even make the people buy what they even don’t want to buy. The best idea is to read the book The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly

9) Advertise Best Selling products and use Geo-tagging

The best-selling products showcased on your website ads have the best chances to get sold because it are among those what people are preferring in particular period. After all, it’s about consumer preference and it changes from time to time.

The geo-targeting feature lets you monetize any traffic from other countries that was harder to monetize earlier. In accordance with our Operating Agreement, attribution to amazon links placed on your site does not hold if the end user has to switch to a different country specific website to complete his/her purchase. Similarly, if you send users to the correct country website, but with an incorrect country’s tracking id (not valid in that locale), then you will not get paid the affiliate fees for that sale. Many associates use complex home-grown systems, or unreliable 3rd party systems to overcome these limitations. These systems might have trust, reliability and pricing implications on your business.

The geo-targeting feature in the WordPress plugin aims to reduce this complexity and give you more control on your monetization of global traffic.

As a part of the global settings in the plugin, you can configure which countries you want to work with, and the respective tracking id(s). You will also need to provide a set of PA-API credentials, which are connected to each of your respective country associate accounts. You will only need to do this once. As you create content, you will see a tabbed pane which lets you select product sets for each country that you have configured in the plugin. You should pick your default country as the first product set configured. The corresponding short code that is generated will have all the information required to render ads appropriately.

When a user visits your site, we use the user’s location to determine which of the product sets to display to the user, and the corresponding ads are rendered. If the user is from a location that you haven’t configured, then your default product set is displayed to the user

10) Use best keyword density to get more attention

As per Wikipedia “Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization, keyword density can be used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.” The density of the keyword should be as per the SEO because it will let your ads appear on top of the page. There are many tools present on the internet to check whether your keywords are appropriate or not because its the keyword only which can make or break the game. The best keyword density tools are as follows:-

  1. Live Key Density Analysis
  2. ADD me tool
  3. SEO tool

These three free keyword density tools will help your ads to appear on-top among all other ads. The benefit is that if people will search for the product they may see your links on the top and hence to get earned by the commission will be doubled and second thing it may increase your website view at the same time.

Well, this is how you can effectively make more money using Amazon Affiliate Marketing just be sure you are in the right direction.