Top 10 Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in India

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in India

Blue Chip investments, also known as Dividend-paying stocks, are a top-notch way of investing in the stock market. They might not be trendy, but they corporate to earn a balanced income from the money invested. Dividend-paying stocks are appealing as they initiate regular income and prevent the portfolio from going downside. Based on market capitalization, one can divide the stocks into small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies.

You own money to invest but are unsure which stocks to invest in.

Here is a list of India’s top 10 highest Dividend Paying Stocks, including both small companies and large institutions.

1) Britannia Industries

Britannia Industries, founded in 1918, is an excellent place for blue-chip investments in stocks. At present, its managing director is Mr. Varun Berry.

It is involved in the manufacturing and selling of food products. It sells biscuits, cakes, rusk, dairy products, etc.

The market capital of Britannia Industries is Rs. 90,639 Cr (as of 12th October 2022). The yearly net worth of this company is Rs. 2,558 Cr (as calculated in 2022) and Rs. 3,548 Cr (as calculated in 2021).

2) HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank founded in 1994 by Hasmukhbai Parekh, is the country’s leading banking and financial service company. The CEOs of this bank are Sashidhar Jagdishan, Keki Mistry, and Aditya Puri.

They provide services like banking, retail banking, loans, credit cards, etc and comes under the largest bank in India by market capitalization.

It has a market capitalization of Rs. 7,85,253 Cr. (12th October 2022). Their net income is Rs. 38,151 crores (as of 2022).

It is an excellent place for blue chip investment. This company has a satisfactory history of consistent performance.

3) Asian Paints

Asian paints, founded in 1942, is India’s largest paint company and manufacturer. It is India’s leading and Asia’s fourth-largest paint company, operating in 19 countries. The managing director of Asian Paints is Mr. Amit Syngle. It is the business of manufacturing and selling paints, home d├ęcor, etc.

It has a market capitalization of Rs. 3.09 trillion and a net income of Rs. 3,053 crores, with a yearly net sales turnover of Rs. 25003.09 crores.

4) Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank, founded in 1895and owned by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, offers personal banking services, credit cards, loans, etc. It provides extensive personal banking services, retail banking, wholesale banking, etc.

It has a market capitalization of Rs. 43,675,28 cr. (as of 13th October 2022). The net income of this company is Rs. 3,676 crores (2022).

5) Indian Tabacco Company (ITC)

Indian Tabacco Company (ITC), formed in 1910, is one of the country’s largest conglomerate companies. It engages in five segments: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Paperboards and packaging, Hotels, Agri-Business, and Information Technology. It includes brands such as Gold Flake, Premium Lights, Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Engage, etc.

Its market capitalization is Rs. 4.12 trillion. Its net income is Rs. 15,485 Crore.

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in India

6) Poly cab India Limited

Poly cab India Limited is involved in manufacturing and selling electric wires, cables, construction, engineering, and fast-moving electric goods (FMEG). It deals in three major segments: Wire and cables, fast-moving electric goods (FMEG), and others. Its market capitalization is Rs. 33,210.89 crores (as of 13th October 2022), and its net worth is Rs. 5520.90 crores (as of 13th October 20202).

7) Supreme Industries

Supreme Industries, founded in 1942, is a plastic products manufacturing company based in India. This company has around twenty-five manufacturing facilities spread across India, offering a wide range of plastic products. It is also engaged in furniture, material handling systems, pallets, roto-molded crates, garbage bins, etc.

Supreme Industries Limited has a market capitalization of Rs. 28,412.81 crores (as of 13th October 2022) and a net worth of Rs. 3,387 crores. (as of 2022).

8) Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries is a leading conglomerate holding company in India owning businesses across India. Their venture revolves around energy, petrochemical, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunication industries. Their balance sheet shows stable and consistent performance; hence, they proudly own India’s second-largest publicly traded company in market capitalization, with Rs. 16,19,000 crores.

9) Sun Pharma Limited

Sun Pharma Limited, established in 1983 with just five products in only two states, is now expanding nationwide and is the biggest pharmaceutical company in India.

This company is involved in the manufacturing of products in therapy areas like- Pain, Diabetes, Oncology, Asthma, Cardiology, etc. Their market capitalization is Rs. 2.34 trillion, and a net worth of Rs. 3.405 crores.

10) Nestle India Limited

Nestle India, incorporated in 1956, is a subsidiary of Nestle SA, the largest food and beverage company in the world. It has four branch offices in India. This company deals in products like Maggi, Nescafe, Munch, Milky bar, Alpino, Nestle classic, etc.

Nestle India has an operating revenue of over Rs. 500 crores and a market capitalization of Rs. 1.82 trillion (13th October 2022).

Wrapping up

A person invests money to earn profit and increase wealth. Some prefer short-term profits, while some prefer long-term. In conclusion, this article will give you a synopsis of the best blue chip investment stocks in India that you should know and where you can invest and gain profits. These companies have a history of consistent performance, a key factor to keep in mind while searching for top dividend-paying stocks. These companies are low-risk, high return stakes for the long term. One should not look for companies that give high dividends just for one year and cannot sustain consistent profits over the long run. That’s it for this article.

Happy Investing!