10 Best Ways To Make Money From Pinterest

10 Best Ways To Make Money From Pinterest

Are you searching for How to Make Money from Pinterest? Well, Millions of people use social media and one of them is Pinterest which has a great mobile app, Pinterest is a great app, and it’s like a bulletin board for all the things that you love. This has become widely popular now and has received over 2.5 billion page views per month. There are a lot of ways to make money From Pinterest, as the network has grown 3 folds now.

Pinterest gives users the ability to take pictures and add them to similar items that have been pinned on the site. This is not like your usual Facebook and Instagram, where you could just see and like photos. In this, it gives you the authority to create your own boards and pin them up according to your interests.

Let’s see How to Make Money from Pinterest

1) Pinterest is one of the perfect places for you to market a physical product. You could use a good camera and take some professional quality pictures, as well as of the process of making it. You can then upload these on Pinterest on its product sales page, where people can view pins as well as re-pin them.

You need to think about what you as a person are passionate about. Say for example you’re a cook, and you love to put in videos and recipes for your favorite dishes. So what you could do is just choose a target audience, and create a board on Pinterest which would attract this audience.

Try to get followers to follow your board, and once you increase this base, marketers will automatically approach you with great offers.

2) You could do some affiliate marketing. In this what happens is that a lot of companies offer the customers the opportunity to become an affiliate, and they can promote a product in exchange for a portion of the profit, but this is only when people place an order through their link. Try making really pretty and colorful posts that would catch the user’s eye, and make sure they mesh well with your normal postings.

Many companies want affiliates who will promote their products for a small commission on the sales that result from your promotions. Try and find those companies who would sell the products which you promote, and for that just sign up as an affiliate. Then what you could do is use the affiliate links, and promote the products on your boards.

Use a URL shorter to manage your links. Also, track your pins as well as your boards for the number of clicks happening. Also, we have explained different ways to make money online on our blog which will help you get a better idea.

3) You should try and grow your list well. For this, we would recommend that you pin lifestyle images, plus images on popular subjects to Pinterest. In case they become known in the market, you would get lots of followers and whenever they pin the image, your website would be mentioned. This is when the traffic starts pouring in.

Apart from that, re-pin others’ pins to win an audience and make money from Pinterest. Just be active most of the time, and this would do wonders. If you pin other people’s pins then people might notice you, and it’s a great strategy to get more followers.

4) In case your business is more service-based, then that would be a great way to connect to your clients. What you could do in this case is share testimonials, some great captions, quotes, or even tips regarding their business. You need to market yourself and show them what they could gain from working with you.

5) You need to know who your target audience is. Also, know what they might be interested in. You need to understand what problems they have, the pages that they follow, and what content are they interested in. Once you know this basic information about them, you could use the content to market it to them accordingly. Pinterest usually attracts more females as compared to males, but knowing people will see your pins, a certain degree of targeting is required to make money from Pinterest.

6) Choose the right channels for your photos. And not just the channels but make them into categories. Once you have done that, they would be viewed by the specific audiences so you would know which category has how much reach. People would purchase accordingly. What you could do is start teaching your strategies to others and for that purpose, all you need to do is create e-books and courses teaching what you’ve learned from your experience.

7) Social Media Integration should be done first and foremost. This is the only way to reach a much larger audience, and the best way to increase the number of people who might be interested in your product. Do you have any tips for success on Pinterest? Share them with me on Twitter.

8) Choose a company to promote, and ask for sponsorship. Search for the companies which offer products that would appeal to your target audience. For a chef, you could get in touch with grocery companies, bakeries, or cafes. Share your account statistics with the companies that you approach, and then ask them for a sponsorship. Discuss if they could their branding on your account for some time.

9) Use search engine optimization strategies, and make yourself more visible on Pinterest. Eventually, when people search things that you post on Google, your account would automatically show up and you would gain much greater visibility.

A keyword is an important tool that you need to master. You have about 200 characters to write in your profile, about yourself. Use great SEO strategies and make the most of your pin by adding some good links as well as keywords.

10) Create contests on Pinterest to sell your own products, as they are pretty popular and the target audience would find it pretty interesting. We know that a lot of people use great contests to keep their people engaged, so you do need to try something out of the box, but they surely are a great way to trigger people to talk about your brand.

So, these are the 10 great methods to generate a lot of revenue through Pinterest. The best one out of the lot is that you need to be more aware of affiliate marketing techniques. For this, you don’t really need a website or a blog. Just one major Pinterest account, plus some affiliate links as well as pins.

Just go and create a pin, and to it add your affiliate link in the URL space. A market that pins across your Pinterest and sees how to spread the word about this.

Does Pinterest Pay Pinners?

When people hear about earning money from Pinterest, they assume the fact that Pinterest is paying them, but that is not true at all. This application does not pay you. So you must be wondering where you get the money from. Let’s delve into that a bit.

We have

Once you share your affiliate links on Pinterest, and when people click on this link to make a purchase, the affiliate commission that you get is not paid by Pinterest but by the affiliate programs to you. Do use all these great techniques, and you can make money from Pinterest quickly and very easily with just your passion and constant time.