20 Question and Answer’s in Satsang 2018

Qus → What is the purpose of life?
Ans: The purpose of life is to know the same consciousness – which is free from the bondage of birth and death. Knowing it is only salvation .. !!
Qus → Who is free from the bondage of births and deaths?
Ans → who has known himself, that soul – it is free from the bondage of birth and death .. !!
Qus → Why is the world suffering?
Ans: Greed, selfishness and fear are the main reasons for the suffering of the world .. !!
Qus → Why did God create sadness?
Ans: God created the world and man created pain and happiness by his thoughts and actions .. !!
Qus → Is God? Who are they What is their form? Is that woman or man?
Ans → Not working without reason. This world is the evidence of the existence of that reason. You are, therefore, they too – that great reason has been called ‘God’ in spirituality. He is neither a woman nor a man .. !!
Qus → What is fate?
Ans: Every action is a result of every action. The result may be good, bad too. This result is destiny and today’s endeavor is the fate of tomorrow .. !!
Qus → What is the biggest surprise in this world?
Ans: Everyday, millions of people die and they all see it, yet everyone has the desire to live for eternity .. this can be a big surprise and what can be .. !!
Qus → What makes human beings lose?

Ans → Greed .. !!
Qus → Which is the only solution that makes life happier?
Ans: Good nature is the only way to be happy .. !!
Qus → What does not hurt to lose?
Ans: Anger .. !!
Qus → What is more in the world than religion?
Reply → Merry .. !!
Qus → What should not be given to others?
Ans → Shredder, cheat .. !!
Qus → What is the thing, which should never be taken from others?
Ans: I respect, someone’s Hi .. !!
Qus → something that can do everything from organisms?
Ans → Awesome .. !!
Qus → the world’s undefeated thing?
Ans → Truth .. !!
Qus → the world’s best selling thing? Ans → False .. !!
Qus → Relaxing Function to Do?
Ans → Philanthropy .. !!
Qus → World’s Worst Addiction?
Ans → Moh! !! ?
Qus → the world’s golden dream?
Ans → Life .. !! ?
Qus → Unchanging world?
Ans → Death .. !!
Qus → something like that which you do not understand?
Ans → your stupidity .. !!
Qus → Never Destroyed / Destructive in the World?
Ans → Spirit and Knowledge .. !!
Qus → Things to never stop?
Ans → Time ..

Updated: September 15, 2018 — 11:57 am
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